29 Mar 2012

In my quest to learn Photoshop, I have taken to youtube tutorials! I want to share the ones that have been helpful for me. A few short weeks ago, I had ZERO idea how to work Photoshop. (Now I have about 2% of an idea - so I'm definitely on the up & up!) I couldn't even figure out how to crop a photo :(
Shameful - but true!

I must confess that the last few years of my photo editing have been a lie! I have been using picnik.com, but they are now closing down in a couple of weeks. Picnik has been incredible at teaching me about the very basics of photo editing, however there are way to many preset options that will make a gal lazy. Due to the news of the website shutting down, I have realised I can either a) do nothing and no longer edit my photos ever........or b) learn photoshop! I have chosen b)! Of course, there are many other software editing programs aside from photoshop, however I already have that on my computer.

If you are an ABSOLUTE beginner like myself who didn't even know any of the tools or menu options, then I would like to introduce lifehacker.com!


This video is easy to follow and provided me (the novice) with just the right amount of information in an easy and understandable presentation. Hope it's helpful for you too!

Today's photo is from my neighbourhood here in Seoul, and it's 100% edited in Photoshop. The colours are a little more out there than I usually like, but I'm still happy with it! The cart/motocycle/rainbow is used by a person who cleans the street.

I also used another tutorial for the editing of this photo. It focused on how to sharpen and blur an image or area of an image. This guy also did a great job of simplfying the process for a no hoper like me!


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