4 Apr 2012

We both got new jobs in March. There are many reasons why I love my new job (low hours, only 3 days working a week, 4 months holiday, LOTS of time for me to do photography and paint my nails...) but I won't gloat (too much) about them all. The reason I love my new job the most, is that I get to hang out with my favourite person in the world during the day a few times a week. We have spent the past few years working pretty hard with long hours and little time together during the week. But all that has changed this year! So, instead of the occasional  Friday 'date night', we can have Tuesday 'lover's lunch'. Hehe.
Today was lunch at 'Suji's' in Itaewon. The Turkey club was pretty scrummy....I could have done without half the Turkey...but this belly was well satisfied.
Photos edited on Photoshop...using my new skills^^

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