26 Feb 2013

New Project!

I'm starting a 52 weeks project - a photo per week for 52 weeks - with my Friend Jasmine.
I have found that since I have started taking photos for other people (which I love!) I have been doing less photos for myself - boo! So, the other day my friend and I were talking and we both decided we needed some motivation to take more photos. So as well as my photo shoots (which i need to catch up on on my blog...) I will be adding this project here. I think this will be much easier than the 365 project I took on a few years back! I'm very excited to see where this leads me ^^

Week 1 - Chopper
Last week our week revolved around our wee Shihtzu 'Chopper'. He has a severe allergy condition which he has been dealing with for a few years. It is incurable and gets worse each year. The symptoms are excessive itching, scratching and biting and chewing his paws. He does this until he causes bleeding and sores. It's pretty stressful watching him go through this. We have tried all the regular solutions like changing food and environment with no success. We have used various medications also with no improvement. Last week he had a skin allergy test which involved 60 injections of different allergens to pinpoint what is making him so itchy. We have finally found his biggest problem is dust mites.....which the vet then went on to explain he would give us a Nobel Peace Prize if we could eradicate them from our home! But! All hope is not lost! He also gave us a new medication and has started Chopper on immunotherapy, which we are hoping over the course of the next year, is going to improve his life a great deal. I took this picture of Chopper (or the 'BANK' as my husband has started affectionately calling him) after we arrived home from the skin test. He was miserable and I felt so sad for him. I'm hoping this year will be the start of a much better year for the Bank....aka Chopper.

Week 2 - Potatoes
I am not very good at cooking! Last year I bought Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie's food revolution' with the mission of learning to cook before turning 30. Well, I have turned 30....I wouldn't say that I have 'learned to cook', however I'm definitely improving! These are the husbands favourite potatoes. Roasted with rosemary (the house still smells yum!)



  1. Yaaay!! LOVE this project!!!! So excited to see what's comming! <3

  2. Thank you Lovely Cris!!! I'm so happy to be doing this! Also...I'm finally going to update my blog with some of the pics from the last 6 months :)