20 Aug 2013

52 weeks update : 8 - 19

I have been great at taking the photos for this project...but not for recoring them as I had planned here!
So here is my catchup... It's long ^^

Week 8

My clever and healthy friend Jihee Park of 'Healthy for change' http://www.healthyforchange.com/
runs some amazing workshops! I was lucky enough to attend one on 'Juicing'. She has been such an inspiration to me to start living my best healthy life. Are you juicing yet? I can't recommend it enough if you aren't. Mark and I both feel much healthier and haven't caught a cold since we started. (I usually am always between colds!)

Week 9
In Spring, I took many photos for couples and families.... and I thought it would be so cool if we had our own spring photos. Mark was very obliging! Great husband ^^
Week 10
We celebrated this beautiful boy's 1st birthday! I can't believe he is 1 already! The time goes by so quickly these days..does that mean i'm getting old?
Week 11
I completed my very first 5km run! So proud of myself ^^ Mark ran along for support... he had enough energy to complete the half marathon by the end of it.. but asfor me, 5km was plenty. It was such a great feeling to finish this run. And the money raised was donated to a children's charity.
Week 12
Dreaming of Europe. I loved researching and planning for our dream trip of Europe!! I think of travel planning as a hobby of mine. I love checking and comparing reviews of destinations and hotels. For me, half of the excitement of the trip is in the planning of it!
Week 13
I did Spring photos for this lovely family! We also had an Autumn session last November. Such gorgeous kids and always a pleasure to photograph them.
Week 14

Is this my first self portrait of this project? I think so.... When I did my 365 project (1 photo everyday for an entire year) I took 90% of the photos of myself. Now this could come across as extremely vain. But actually, it has nothing to do with vanity. I love to take photos of people...but at that time I lacked a lot of confidence in my own abilty. I didn't want people to be disappointed if I did a bad job. I still feel that way to some degree... but I have also realised I have grown a lot in that area. Because of this lack of confidence, it left me.... with me! So I was my own muse (haha) for that project. I want to use This 52 weeks project, to expand my skills and subject matter. So while i'm sure I will include a few 'selfies'- I want this to be as varied as possible. I want to look back on my amazing year!
Week 15

Hanging out with these 2 is always fun. They share our love of snowboarding, small dogs and Baskin Robins.
 Week 16
Two months have passed, and I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I look at this picture. On June 11th (2013) we got our darling Chopper put down. My heart still misses his cheeky little face every single day. Aside from his sickness (Atopic dermatitis) he was our perfect family member. Of course I mean perfect whilst leaving out the stubborness, the sock eating ($800 sock removal surgery later), the pooing on his 2nd families couch while we were away, and eating his 2nd Mum's belt, the chewing of the door frame.. and the list could go on! Aside from these 'Character traits' (hehe) he was 100% adorable and 100% lovable. It was THE hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. But we knew we had to do it. After a few years of endless research, trying and changing anything and everything, thousands of dollars spent on new medicines, foods and shampoos... our Chopper got worse instead of better. It sucks (there is no better word for it than 'sucks') that allergies can cause cats and dogs (and their families) so much pain and distress, There is no cure. And it gets worse as they age. For some lucky animals, a simple change in food or environment can relieve their symptoms, and for others there is no solution. Unfortunately after trying everything and more, we came to the conclusion that there was no way to fix our Choppy. We couldn't bear to see him suffer anymore. We couldn't bear to hear him moan and scratch until he bled. That is no life for an animal. I know we made the right decision, however it doesn't make your loss any easier to accept. I am thankful that we had the option to end his suffering. And I know that he is in doggy heaven now. Running free and not wearing that stupid plastic cone that he wore almost every single day this year. Eating whatever he pleases (socks included) without it making him itchy and uncomfortable. Rest in peace Chopper...You made our lives better, richer and fuller.We miss you and will love you and remember you forever.
Week 17

Introducing Wilbur! Chopper not only left a massive hole in our hearts, but our newly empty house was unbearble. It's the strangest feeling not having your dog in the house after he has been there every day. I can't describe it...except to say that it was awful. So, we decided we needed to fill that space with a new and healthy puppy. Our wonderful friend helped us to research some healthy puppies and here we are...WILBUR. 2.5 months old and full of energy and love! So nice to have a wee ball of fluff running around the house again. I have read some people said they couldn't bear to get a new dog after their dog passed away. We couldn't get one quick enough. It has helped us to deal with Chopper's untimely departure from our family. I guess it's not for everyone, but we couldn't be happier.
Week 18

Just what we needed... a holiday! We visited our favourite place (apart from New Zealand of course), Thailand. 10 days in the sun was just what the Dr ordered. Actually it rained almost every day and I got a nasty tummy bug.... but it was still a much appreciated break and respite from all that was going on. We have however decided, that 7 times is more than enough ... we need to put a halt on the trips to Thailand and try out some of the other South East Asian destinations. We'll see!

Week 19
I really enjoyed taking nonsense photos in Thailand again. I haven't done that for a while. I love capturing colours and things that catch my eye. It's kind of therapuetic in a strange way ^^

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