21 Aug 2013

Europe part 1 - Paris

Finally my dream came true! I have wanted to visit Europe since I can remember. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I feel satisfied .... for now! I'm definitely planning our next trip at the back of my mind though. I'm going to blog this trip in parts. Each city we visited will get it's own post. It's going to take a long time I think.... but I will get to relive the trip as I go ^^ I'm not a great writer, so please excuse my writing - and just enjoy the photos:)

We arrived in Paris at the start of our trip. Paris was perfect. Beautiful old buildings, fashionable people, delicious food, amazing sights, friendly people and a wonderful feeling. I loved every minute of it! Seeing all of the famous sights was so surreal. How many times have we all seen photos or movies of the Eiffel Tower??

Loved the late sunsets in Paris. Extra daylight to enjoy this beautiful city.

I wanted to stop and eat or drink coffee at every bistro! They were all so lovely.

Such an impressive view up the Champs Elysee towards the Arc De Triomphe.

The Madeleine Church was huge and looked so so pretty surrounded by pink flowers.

Mark's favourite pose in Europe... the "Pencil".

Notre Dam was another beautiful building the didn't fail to impress.

I love the open style train stations in Europe. This photo is taken from Gare Du Nord station where we caught the Eurostar to London.

After visiting the Louvre ...

I wish my neighbourhood in Seoul was flatter so I could bike around. It was such a convenient and enjoyable way to see the cities we visited.

Photo by Mark. He did quite well...will make a great photography assistant one day.

Thought we very well may get hit by a car while taking these photos. Glad we both made it out unscathed.

The Eiffel Tower needs to be jumped in front of.

To be continued in..... London!

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