22 Sep 2013

Brussels - Europe Part 3

Brussels was a bit of a slow down in pace after coming from Paris and London. We spent most of our time around the 'Grand Place'. The buildings were absolutely stunning and the waffles and chocolate were incredibly delicious! It was a quick stop over between London and Amsterdam and a lovely spot to enjoy the park and relax.... something we didn't do much of in Europe!

We had a perfect hotel right of Grand Place with beautiful views from the window....I told you I was good at picking Hotels ;)

Next stop is Amsterdam!


  1. woow, I think I missed this post! girl you really hit this! The arquitecture is so well captured!!! love the mood of all your cities!!! and... love seeing you in the pictures too! you look stunning! LOVE all this collection of images about your trip Bridget! :) keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you lovely girl! I'm so happy to wake up this morning to your comments! It always means so much reading them xxxxxx