10 Sep 2014

South of France Part 1

After Paris, we headed south to the Cote D'azur ~ aptly named for the stunning, bright blue waters lining the coast. The French Riviera is a popular spot for the worlds rich and famous, however it is still possible to visit on travelers budget. We based ourselves in Nice for 3 nights. As well as exploring Nice, we visited Monaco and Antibes. I have too many photos to make 1 'South of France post'.... So this will be a 2 part post. The photos in part 1 will be of Nice and Antibes.

The train from Paris to Nice takes about 5.5 hours. It didn't feel like a long journey though. We were happily distracted by food, tea, card games (which I won, I might add) (and I may or may not of cheated) and of course the beautiful scenery. The French countryside along the way is peaceful and idyllic. As you arrive in the Cote D'Azur, the first glimpses of the ocean are truly wonderful- So be sure to get seats on the right side of the train!

In Nice we stayed in a lovely little hotel called Hotel Berne. It was a short walk from the train station and right next to a supermarket. So that ticks 2 important boxes for me. I don't want to be walking half the town searching for our accommodation, and I love eating hungry. And to be honest, it's a lot of fun checking out supermarkets in different countries!!

The South of France is a 'must visit'
for your European trip. It's stunning, delicious and relaxing ^^

So, enough of me!

First up, Nice. It's beautiful. It's busy. It's charming. The people are very friendly and happy to help a couple of Kiwi kids. One lovely lady even stopped her car to take a photo of us both... and then drove us to where we wanted to eat dinner. How's that for friendly locals!

Then, to Antibes. Antibes is a short train ride from Nice and well worth the trip. It's a quiet, slow paced little spot with my favourite European "Old town" ..... although I may have thought that before. We were lucky enough to meet up with a fellow Kiwi in Antibes. Phil, who is a friend of my cousin,  was kind enough to show us the amazing super yacht he is working on (which we are pretending to own in the photo below) and he also showed us around this perfect little place. 
NB - I will not apologize for the amount of beautiful doorways that you are about to see!

Next up will be Monaco - South of France Part 2.

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