18 Apr 2015

Rainy Sunday coffee session

Usually we are up and out the door early on the weekends to go snowboarding - In winter at the Ski resort, and in Summer at the indoor snow park in Seoul. But this morning, we had a sleep in and then tried out our new coffee gadgets! We only started drinking coffee this year .... and if it's possible .... we are hooked already!

This week, a Bialetti Moka Pot and a Kalita hand coffee grinder, became the newest additions to our family. And we love them <3 We have been geekily researching coffee brewing and coffee bean grinding ... and put our new found skills to the test this morning! I think we did pretty awesome too because the coffee tasted YUMMY!

And the icing on the cake was the rain. We have a lovely little porch at our house that can open right up. And the best part - we have trees right outside! Living in Seoul, that is extremely rare and quite lucky! So it's been a perfect morning brewing and drinking coffee, watching the rain and taking photos of course!

Happy Sunday ^^

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