26 Sep 2015

Croatia! Heaven on earth ^^

Note to self and people planning a trip to Croatia - 5 days is absolutely NOT enough time there. We divided our days somewhere down the middle between Split and Dubrovnik. Croatia is stunning. There is only one word for it and I'm sad that we didn't explore more of that heavenly country. You know, I always thought that the more I travelled, the more places I would tick off my 'places I must visit before I die' list .... but I swear the more I travel.... the longer that list gets! The water is bright blue, clear and crisp (just what's needed because it is so hot!), the food was YUM, the vibe was relaxed and I promise you wont be disappointed .... unless of course you don't stay long enough!

Enjoy some photos of paradise :

 We started off in Split and stayed in a cute little Air b'n'b in the old town.

Our next stop was Dubrovnik ~

 It was an absolute coincidence to come across 2 friends who just happened to be in Dubrovnik at the same time as us! So we met up for the boys to do some sweet bombs and enjoy an evening in the sun.

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