28 Jan 2017

Namsan Park ~ Seoul photographer

Seoul photographer

A beautiful family in this beautiful park, an easy way to please the photographer! The gorgeous little girl had a big fall down the concrete stairs on the way to the photo session :( She was an absolute trooper to go through the photos after that!! This park turns on her beauty no matter what season we are in. I would find it too hard to say which is my favourite season here. It's the kind of place, that even though you are surrounded by 12 million people .. you become completely unaware of the city's presence outside of this natural space. Having walked through the park countless times, you can never tire of it's beauty. Whenever my clients choose this park for the background for their photos, I quietly give myself a little high 5 in my head. Future clients! There are so many wonderful spots for photos in Seoul .... but Namsan Park will never lose it's charm for me!

What cuter brother and sister combo could you find anywhere?

Adorable matching outfits for this stunning Mum and daughter team!

Mum's love, pure and perfect.

Finishing of the shoot in the golden hour , that perfect golden light on the surrounding trees!
Bridget Backhurst - Seoul Photographer

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