19 Apr 2012

Mary #2

After last weeks Maternity shoot with my friend Mary, I had my very first 'model' shoot with another beautiful Mary.
I was very nervous as I have only taken photos of people I know. This was exactly what my confidence needed!
I put an add on Craig's list looking for models and had a few responses, Mary being one of them.
What am I so scared of? I realise the only limit I have in photography is my imagination. When I think of this, I have a rush of fear - am I creative enough?
I often don't have anything in mind before I take photos. I guess this way, I'm seldom disappointed with the results. When I make a photo I love, it's kind of like a surprise! But - when I read about other people's photos, they often say they had 'this idea' in their head for sometime! And I think crap, what hope have I if these wonderful ideas don't pop into my head as I'm strolling down the street or brushing my teeth!
I think one of the reasons I have taken so many self potraits (it's honestly not because I love the look of myself!), is that there is no pressure to get it perfect. It is only myself I have to impress or disappoint. But if I start to photograph others, I feel there is so much expectaion to get it right. So..... time for me to be brave, believe in myself and believe in my passion.
I absolutely LOVED taking photos of Mary. I felt confident, creative and like this is what I should be doing!
And here are photos... I'm very pleased with them!

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