30 Apr 2012


Another shoot up in the beautiful Namsan Park, in Seoul, South Korea. As I walk around this park, I constantly think..."Oh my gosh, this is such a special and beautiful place. All this nature in the middle of a massive city!' It amazes me. And then I think, wow....I'm getting old! Walking around the park admiring nature. I remember my parents doing that when I was younger^^

I have to admit something.... these pictures weren't edited in photoshop! I really wish when picnik was closing that they hadn't recommended another site that I could use. Because upon visiting this site, I found it was the same as picnik and perhaps with more features!! Eeek...how am I ever going to learn photoshop now?

I had a lot of fun taking and editing these photos of Yvette, my 2nd model found on Craigs List!

I feel like my photos are taking off in a new direction and it makes me happy^^

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