13 Mar 2013

Weeks 3 & 4 of 52

Week 3
I photographed the super cute Teddy last week. It was right before nap time but that didnt worry him. He was such a delight to photograph! He was so happy and smiley....the best kind of model for sure!

Week 4
Me. My first self portrait of this project. When I did my 365 project in 2010... most of the photos were Self portraits. I have definately expanded my subjects a lot since them....but, call me crazy or not...there is something a little theraputic in taking a photo of yourself. Capturing that feeling at that moment. And when I'm 80 and wrinkled...I can look back and remember a time I was a little less wrinkled! I must admit I had to do more skin re touching than 2 years ago! hehe
The crop is a bit too tight.. but this is how I took the photo, holding the camera at arm's length.
I mainly used curves to edit both these pics. I have been watching some you tube tutorials this week about how to use curves. So I was happy to put this into practice ^^

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the edit, but I simply adore your selfie! Girl, you are SO gorgeous!!!!! Stunning lady!!!

    Wonderful work!