9 Oct 2013

Europe part 4 = Amsterdam

What a perfect spot Amsterdam is! Will add it to my ever growing list of 'places I'd like to live.' We were lucky enough to stay with a fellow Kiwi - Becky - in her very stylish new house! We met Becky when she was also living in Seoul a few years back and were so happy when she said we could stay at her place while in Amsterdam. Becky and her lovely dutch man Eurin, are renovating her new house at the moment. It's going to be fantastic when it's done...hmmm might have to plan a trip back there to check out the finished product! It was nice to see a familiar face, and even nicer being picked up from the train without trying to figure out how on earth to get to a hotel^^

We had 2 nights and 1 full day in Amsterdam. We borrowed a bike of Becky's and hired another to see around the city. Mark doubted my ability to ride safely through the streets without coming to a grizzly end.... but I showed him!

We met some of Becky's friends for breakfast at a very delicous cafe. It turns out there are lot's of Kiwis living there and I can see why!
Then it was off to see the sights. We had a wonderful time strolling through the canals and visiting the shops. So vibrant, energetic and relaxed all at the same time! The weather was perfect and hot, hot, HOT!


We finished the day with a BBQ in a beautfiul park very near Becky's house.

And then before we knew it we were back at the train station and off to our next destination! Luggage and all.

Next stop ... Berlin!!

PS - All photos are by me unless I'm in them^^ And there are a few Iphone shots..can you tell which ones??!!

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