13 Nov 2013

Berlin - Europe part 5

It was such a treat to meet up with lovely kiwi friends in Berlin. Jess and Keri were also doing a trip through Europe (although they had much longer than our wee 3 weeks!) and were so awesome to match up dates with us.
We met Jess and Keri a few years back in Korea. They are always a so much fun, so we were very happy to see them!

Berlin was a fantastic modern city. It was easily explored by bike and the free subway system....well there was no one or no machine checking tickets so I'm pretty sure it was free? ;)

The sad history of this city was never far from my mind as there were many visual reminders such as monuments, museums and of course, the Berlin wall.

Sorry Jess and Keri...I had to post this! I just thought it was cute ^^ 

Always smiling and full of laughs these 2! We were lucky to meet them along our way ^^
Our hotel (another goodie I might add!) was a minute walk from Check point Charlie. It is now just a tourist area and the replica check point is manned by American actors rather than soldiers these days.

There was an exhibition about the Berlin wall next to Check Point Charlie.


They claimed they were trying to imitate the man in the photo...I just think they wanted a photo with their shirts tucked in and shorts hiked up...
An exhibition on the Berlin wall showing some modern day bad men.
Don't drink and bike?

Pieces of the Berlin wall have been painted with pictures of peace and hope.
The little block where our hotel was.

We caught the wrong train about 4 times on one morning...we had a lot of waiting on train platforms for the next train. Berlin's subway system (while free..) is not as easy to use as Seoul's.

Little village where Sachsenhausen concentration camp is located, just outside of Berlin. It was a pretty little village, but I dont think I could live so close to somewhere where so many horrific things happened...

Listening to our audio guides around the concentration camp.

This photo was Keri's idea. Thanks Keri!

I loved seeing these beautiful wild flowers growing in such a sad place.

It looks so peaceful now. Like nothing bad could have happened there.

Taking a break from the hot sun to listen to the audio guides.
This quote gave me goosebumps. We must never forget what happened, and must never let it happen again.

Most of this room, as well as most of the camp were destroyed by the neo-nazi's to ruin evidence of what went on here. This is all that's left of the incinerators. 

After our morning at the concentration camp, it was very refreshing to bike around the city. The Berlin wall was amazing. The paintings and messages on the wall were so hopeful. I love that the wall is still a significant part of the city. It doesn't divide it anymore though, it brightens and symbolises a peaceful future.
Snapped by Jess. Postcard writing and journal reading ^^

Had a wonderful time in Berlin with our awesome friends!!
Next stop....Prague!


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  1. Woow girl, such an intense visit to this special city... so happy you shared the adventure with some wonderful and happy friends!!! you really learn so much when you travel..! Loved all the images Bridget!!! I'm missing summer right now!!! :)) you look gorgeous guys! what a wonderful trip!!! Excited about Prague!!!! xxxx