28 May 2014

My lovely friend and her lovely family!

If the truth be told.... I meet Marisa by facebook stalking ^^ Last year, I saw her facebook page name which includes the word "Photography"... so I couldn't help but go and peek! When I arrived I was so impressed and inspired by her beautiful photos. I sent her a message and we soon arranged a meet up! She was instantly one of the sweetest and kindest people I've met and I'm very happy and proud to call her my friend. Moral of the story.... Facebook stalking can be very productive! :)

We decided to take photos for each other this Spring and I must admit I was quite nervous! Taking photos of a brilliant photographer and her family is quite a daunting thought!! But!! Her family were just as lovely as she is so it was such a wonderful time.

Please go and check out Marisa's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MarisaJohnsonArtPhotography

Marisa is also an incredible water colour artist so don't miss her page.

Here are some photos from our Shoot together ~


  1. You are so sweet to the core, my friend! Thanks a million times for the photos, I love them all. HUGS!