28 May 2014

Venice - Europe part 7

Well this 7th installment has been a loooong time coming! But I have decided since it will be Summer soon and we will surely be taking off on some new adventures... I'd best finish off my photos from last year!

Venezia.... What a dream! Yes.. a touristy and busy dream... but a dream none the less! We bused into Italy from Austria and it was such a beautiful drive. It was our only bus on the journey and we both much prefer trains so I wasn't looking forward to the 3 hour trek. However, it was by far the most picturesque part of our trip. The Alps Mountain ranges which we crossed in North Eastern Italy were spectacular! I was seriously in awe as we passed through them and wished we could have taken some more time to appreciate them.

Before arriving in Venice, you first stop in Mestre on the mainland. We both started to get a bit worried that Venice wasn't all it was cracked up to be.... thankfully it was a bus stop and not the final destination! While the accomodation is cheaper in Mestre, I would absolutely say stay in Venice!! Yes it's pricey for what it is (old, no wifi, no air con - not all places of course - but if you are on a budget you spend more than you want for no extra glam) but it's priceless waking up in the dreamland that is Venice! Lastly - it can be a small nightmare trying to locate your hotel in the 100's of alleys....when you do though - I promise you'll be pleased!

My opinion of Venice... No plan is best. Hit the streets and wander aimlessly in which ever direction your feet take you and you will surely be rewarded around every corner! We ventured to the end of the Island and back twice over our 2 days there!

The gondolas are jaw droppingly pricey - 100Euros for 40 minutes. They are such a unique experience though ... a great way to do it is to share a gondola with another couple and share the price. Well worth it!

 Free, fresh and cold! These fountains are all over Italy and the perfect way to cool down and top up your water bottle.

It was a great year - 1982.

The most delicious pizza I have ever tried!


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  2. These photos are just sooooo delicious!!!! I can't imagine how you two were able to leave this place! Zesah (AKA Seoul Sistah!) Yes, I have many personas! :)

    1. Hello Zesha! I'm loving all these personas! Yes, Venice was quite spectacular from sure!! Thanks for taking a look xx

  3. I deleted the 1st because of typo's and low and behold I see another!!! Groan. Oh well. What's in a name!!! Zesha!!!! Ha!!!

    1. Haha, I'm queen of typos! Always in a hurry ^^